I can still work and browse Zillow, right?

In my defense though, these lake houses are just screaming at me and you to look at them. It's not me, it's the homes.

Michigan waterfront homes are meant for luxury and beauty, and they are definitely eye-catching.

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You don't just buy a waterfront home and then turn around to a small farm home...you're going to find a house that was custom built for that area, and allows you to enjoy the lake in all times and seasons in the home.

This Northern Michigan home is one of those luxury homes that I was talking about.  It has six bedrooms and eight bathrooms and is currently listed at $5,900,000.

Take A Look Inside This Michigan Waterfront Estate That Is Currently For Sale

The best part about viewing these types of homes, is you get to see different homes without having to leave your home.

You get the chance to peruse others' designing ideas and either add them to your home, or you add them to the lists of wants or needs to your next home as well.

Regardless, you can't beat a lake home here in Michigan.

Do you have a certain type of home you prefer here in Michigan?

Michigan homes have a wide range of styles, from the waterfront-style homes, to cottages, to cabins. We've got it all here in Michigan.

Open the station app, and tell us where you lean in the housing market here in Michigan.

Take A Look Inside This Michigan Mansion That Seems To Be Out Of A Harry Potter Movie

Maybe you'll see something else out of the house. However, the type of vibe I got from it was straight out of the castle of Hogwarts. I need to stay off Zillow and stop looking at these lakefront homes, but can you blame me? Take a look inside and see if you agree or disagree.

Take A Look Inside This Michigan Mansion That Sits Right On The Lake

Because you and I probably don't have the type of dough to actually step inside of this 3.5 Million dollar home. Take a tour with me instead...


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