Many of the sweetest rides ever made got their starts in Michigan.  Luxury vehicles and muscle cars, Michigan had them all.

Michigan Automotive Museums where you can see these cars in person.

At one point, we had other brand names like Buick, and Oldsmobile.  Buick eventually became a name under the GM umbrella, and the Oldsmobile name is no more.  At one point Oldsmobile employed 21 thousand workers in the Lansing area.  The Old's Cutlass was the top selling auto in the world back in 1986.  That was one of the sweetest cars, the Cutlass was the car that the 'cool' people drove.

America's oldest car maker, Oldsmobile, shut down for good in Lansing after 107 years in business.

Through good times and bad, the Motor City still churned out some pretty awesome vehicles.  One of my  favorites was the Dodge Viper.  The Viper has been out for around 20 years and people still go crazy for it.  This 'Ultimate Muscle Car' flies down the road with its V10 under the hood.

The Ford Mustang, built in Flat Rock Michigan, evolved over the years however when it first came out the 1960's Mustang was the ultimate Muscle car.

The first version of the Dodge Charger was built in Detroit and had a V8 engine.  Fun Fact- The Charger was the car on the TV show The Dukes of Hazard.

My first car was a Buick Skylark and it was built right down the road in Flint, also known as Buick City.  The Skylark was another of those vehicles that continued to evolve over the years

Looking back at some of these beautiful classic cars makes you understand why they are such a favorite with classic car collectors.  One of those beauties was the Buick Riviera.  Each version of the car off the assembly lines in Flint was stylish, classy and a monster under the hood.


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