Fans of the CW's Supernatural show (me included), always get excited when an episode of the show 'supposedly' takes place in their town.

If you have never watched the show, here is a quick rundown for you.  Sam and Dean Winchester are involved in the 'Family Business,' and that business is hunting monsters of all kind all over the U.S. These business trips as they are called have brought the boys to Michigan, so far, 6 different times. Battle Creek is the winner with 3 visits from the Winchesters followed by Lansing, Saginaw, Ypsilanti, Dearborn, and Detroit.

Apparently, Michigan hasn't seen the worst of monsters and demonic possessions. Sam and Dean Winchester have been to Indiana and Ohio 8 times.

The episode of 'Safe House' supposedly took place in Grand Rapids. A super fun episode to watch, you can check it out. It's on Netflix, Season 11 episode 16.

I got hooked on the show a couple of years ago, watching it while my friend, who is a HUGE fan, was getting her chemo treatments.  It is really fun to watch. It's like a spooky show mixed with laughs.

Supernatural has had a long run, mainly because of a very strong fan base.  However Season 15 was supposed to be the last. Then the pandemic hit and filming on that season stopped. After much talk, the filming of the show was stopped back in mid-March for the safety of cast and crew. However rumor has it that the show will be back to business soon filming the final season,  or is it the final season?  We fans can only hope.

One of my favorite episodes is when Dean gets Yellow Fever, and becomes afraid of almost everything. Even a kitten.

If you don't have Netflex, TNT airs the show every afternoon. It is really fun to watch.

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