When it comes to auto manufacturing, Michigan has its Fords, Oldsmobiles, Chryslers...does anyone ever stop to remember the old Studebaker Auto industry in Detroit? Probably not...many people under the age of 60 more than likely never heard the name before.

Studebaker was one of America’s biggest names in autos, but did you know the company was founded way back in 1852 – and began their company by making covered wagons for traveling settlers? It’s true. The five brothers – Henry, Clement, John, Peter, and Jacob – made their company famous by making not just wagons and covered wagons, but buggies, carriages, coaches, and harnesses.

This lasted until the 1890s when it was decided to expand into the automobile business. The company was based in South Bend, Indiana, but soon opened plants in Detroit in the early 1900s. They purchased a couple of buildings around 1910: one at 461 Piquette Avenue and another at 5857 Concord Avenue. Soon, Studebaker became an instant rival & competitor to the Ford Company.

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In 1963, Studebaker’s new models just weren’t cuttin’ it with the public...and once the company president was fired, that smelled the end was near. The South Bend plant closed and others soon followed, including the ones in Detroit. By 1967 Studebaker was no more.

Below are some old Studebaker images along with the two former plants as they look today.....and the grove of tress that spells out the name...

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