Michiganders love their foods and beverages. Too many times it gets excessive, even when we're not that hungry or thirsty...bye-bye, money!

There’s always somebody out there telling you how to stop spending so much on groceries, right? So why read this? I mean really…you’ve heard it all before so why should this article be any different?

Well, it isn’t, I admit it. But I figured since I was getting extremely ticked off at the grocery prices rising higher and higher, then why not do a refresher?

And ya gotta really pay attention to those little shelf tags that scream “value-pack”. They aren’t always money-savers. I went to the store not too long ago – a fairly reputable one – to get some deodorant.
I found the brand I wanted and noticed the price: $1.99.
Sitting right next to it was a double-pack of the same deodorant, same size, with the shelf tag that read “buy the value pack and save!”
The price of the ‘value-pack’ was $3.99.
Now, if I just bought two singles, than I’d only pay $3.98. So with the ‘value-pack’ I would actually pay an extra penny instead of saving anything.

Another example: I was in the same store getting dental floss.
The price: 99 cents.
The shelf tag read, “buy two for 99 cents each and get a third for $1”.
Either they’re hiring people who are bad at math or they’re hoping the customers are.

My favorite way to save on groceries? Never shop for food when you’re hungry…’cause EVERYthing looks good and I tend to buy frivolous junk food. You fill your cart up with excess junk you won’t eat, don’t need, or will spoil before you get around to eating it.

So anyway, here we go. According to the Southern Living website, here are ten ways to save on groceries:

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