It is a standing AB exercise, and trainers are trying to get you to stop doing it. Apparently this stand up workout has your body moving in ways it should not and could lead to back pain or shooting pain in your back.

Fitness trainers say that core work on the floor could be more of a strain on your neck and they consider them to be more challenging since a certain amount of balance is required.

There are many standing ab exercises that are great, but this is one that many in the fitness business would like to see you stop.

This standing abdominal workout that concerns instructors has you standing with a weight in each hand and bending your torso side to side as the weights go down to your knees and reverse for the other side. Now in the fitness community, this is the exercise they are concerned about saying that your body isn't supposed to naturally move in that way, especially while holding weights in each hand. It gets worse. This standing ab move could put your spinal disk in jeopardy, and if your feet are not  placed properly...well it's not good.

Core on the floor might be the best, or check online for training. I totally support working out (I do it daily). It does make you feel better, just don't overdo it.

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