This is not meant to be a history of the Stockbridge area - just a photo gallery of Stockbridge and its surrounding villages. But first, a brief overlook:

In 1834, the land that would become Stockbridge was inhabited by the Ottawa and Pottawatomie tribes. The first white man here was John Davis. From there, one-by-one, more settlers arrived.

In 1875, the area now known as Gregory was surrounded by farm land owned by George Abbott, R. Webb, H.F. Lyman, and P. & H. Gregory.

Munith's growth began when the Grand Trunk Railroad came through in 1883, a grain elevator was built in 1884, and a hotel with a saloon was erected in 1885.

All three towns became synonymous with each other; kids from all three towns attended Stockbridge schools.

Gregory is 6 miles east of Stockbridge, Munith is 6½ miles southwest of Stockbridge.
Stockbridge lies in Ingham County, Gregory is in Livingston County, Munith is in Jackson County. Yet the three towns have remained brother/sister towns for decades…probably longer.

The unique differences among these three towns never deterred from the camaraderie of the townspeople or the schoolmates…lifelong friendships came from all three.

Below are some great old photos from all three villages, including some rare ones from Millville, Fitchburg, and Plainfield: three other villages that have close ties to Stockbridge.. Take a look at the gallery and enjoy some rare stuff!



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