I am one of those people who completely embraces Christmas time, and the more I can do and involve my children and family members the better.   When I stumbled across this list of fun family traditions to start with the family, I LOVED it and all the wonderful ideas.

More reasons to make Christmas even more fun.

Wrap 25 books.  Kids can open one book each night leading to Christmas.

Looking for things to do on Christmas Eve night?  Do a video interview of family members every Christmas Eve.   You will cherish that forever.

Instead of candy in the Advent Calendar, write notes for each day.

Hide the last presents on Christmas day and make clues as to where your kids can find them. (love this one)

Make hot chocolate and cookies then pile in the car and drive around Christmas Eve looking at the Christmas lights.

Give matching Christmas p.j.'s for the family on Christmas eve.

Make reindeer food, it's magical food that is made of dried oats and glitter, then the kids can sprinkle it in the backyard Christmas Eve.

Take your kids shopping for a toy to donate during the Holiday season.

Have a camp out one night under the Christmas tree.

Booby trap the kids bedroom doors by creating a web of green and red streamers then the kids will have to break through on Christmas morning.

Take a picture each year in front of the tree in the same poses.  Keep an ongoing collection for a photo series.

Photocopy your children's letters to Santa every year and make a book out of them when they are older.

Such wonderful ideas and they will make wonderful memories for your family.   My advice, our kids grow up so fast so make the memories now and then they can pass them on to their children in later years.

Cherish every moment and Merry Christmas.

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