St. Vincent Catholic Charities is a wonderful organization right here in the Greater Lansing area.

St. Vincent spends countless hours on providing not only a safe haven for so many children in this area, but for many others who need food, health screenings, and so much more.

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With so much going on in Afghanistan these days and the uncertainty of where many people from that region can get any help, that's where St. Vincent Catholic Charities steps in.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

In 2016, St. Vincent helped resettle over 900 refugees.  The 94% drop between that year and 2020 was partly due to the coronavirus pandemic, but also followed several years of former president Donald Trump limiting the number of refugees admitted to the United States.

As you know, there are refugees here in the United States who are very concerned about family members who are still in Afghanistan.

What it all boils down to now is whether there is enough housing to take care of roughly 50 or so refugees coming into the Lansing area.

And more refugees will be coming here in the next couple of months looking for a place to live and for there next meal.  St. Vincent Catholic Charities are simply asking all of us to welcome Afghan refugees once they arrive and lend a helping hand.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

St. Vincent is a designated refugee resettlement agency and works with a federal program to coordinate support services for new arrivals.  The agency has been resettling adults and families in the area since 1975.  In total, the organization has helped about 17,000 refugees from 53 different countries.

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