The old logging town of Spencer lies hidden off the beaten track. If you were to drive by it, you'd never know it was there. There are a handful of residents, but even so, Spencer is considered to be a ghost town.

Spencer lies in Orange Township within Kalkaska County. It was also set up as a station/postal stop along the Pere Marquette Railroad. The post office operated from 1898 to 1912.

During the town's boom days, it boasted a church, freight house, general store, grocery store, hotel, lumber yard, millinery, two sawmills, schoolhouse, shoe shop and tavern.

And, as with most old northern Michigan lumber towns, it diminished along with the depletion of timber and the closing of the railroad. All the above-mentioned establishments are gone, except for a church.

These days, Spencer really is hidden, alongside Spencer Rd SE (SEE PHOTOS BELOW). Take a drive through the area and you'll discover many hidden old houses in the overgrowth. To find Spencer, get on Spencer Rd and turn north on Golden Road or Main Street. A little over 100 feet up the road, you'll find what is left of Spencer, including a handful of current residents.

Visit this tucked-away, secluded, old logging town on your next Michigan roadtrip, but be respectful of the residents when you do.



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