Is there anything more beautiful then sunrises and sunsets in Michigan? It's one of the most spectacular sights you will ever see in your lifetime.

Personally speaking, there are two places in Michigan where I like to go to see the sunset.

One of those places is in Mackinaw City right near the Mackinac Bridge. It's one of the most beautiful sights you will ever see. The other sensational sunset view is up in Traverse City right on the local beach.

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Some say that sunrises and sunsets in August are spectacular to see here in Michigan. Everyone has their favorite spot for an early sunrise or a late sunset. It's just one of those picture perfect moments where nothing else can top it.

Why do you think sunsets and sunrises are all the rave in August? According to

The first reason is the sun is starting to work it’s way back south along the point at which it crosses the horizon. This is also a reason why driving due west at sunset can be so blinding at this time of year. The sun rises almost due east now and sets almost due west. This sunset directly in the west gives the whole sunset sky an even lighting.

Where's your favorite place for sunrises and sunsets? I do know that one of the best sunrise places in Michigan is Arch Rock on Mackinac Island. Michiganders say that it's spectacular to see and a great way to start your day.

And what about best Michigan sunset around?  It's a matter of opinion, but Michiganders rant and rave about the sunset at Holland State park Beach which is on the shores of Lake Michigan. tells us:

The next reason for fantastic finishes to the day is the cloud bases are starting to lower as we get into fall. The fall atmosphere allows for condensation in the atmosphere to occur at a lower level. This is why many of us cloud gazers will say a sky looks like fall. The bottoms of the clouds may only be a few thousand feet above the ground. The sun lighting the bottoms of these lower clouds adds interesting shadows in the sky. The sunlight can also bounce off the bottoms of the lower clouds and give purple and pink shades to the clouds.

Enjoy the picturesque beauty of Michigan sunrises and sunsets!

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