Monsters are fun. The idea of creatures lurking somewhere under our Great Lakes is even MORE fun.

On June 13, 2019 a live webcam positioned on the South Haven Lighthouse caught something being slammed against the lighthouse pier.

Looking at the footage, it looks like a huge eel, or a giant sturgeon, maybe? Some viewers have speculated as such, including the possibility of it being a bull shark, catfish, seaweed, or an enormous snake. One South Haven resident posted "it was nothing more then a silt fence".

Okay. Now I'm looking at the footage and yeah, it looks like some sort of dark, slippery, eel-like creature. Then it gets caught in the pier, and I'm thinking: 'it's probably a tarp that got picked up by the wind and floated to the pier'.

But then I watched the end of the footage.

Whatever it was, it dived back into the water.
A silt fence, seaweed, or tarps can't 'dive'.....this thing DIVED UNDERWATER.

Take a look at the stills taken from the footage, then watch the video and come to your own conclusion.

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