Remember when MDOT had the contest to name its fleet of snowplows? Here are all 74 of the winners for Southwest Michigan to melt your heart.

Just before the new year, a few were leaked and we found out that Michigan's snowplow names got cuter and more precious for winter 2021. Now, Michigan Department of Transportation has released all 300 monikers that were chosen in the contest that (ahem) snowballed bigger than anyone expected. The Detroit Free Press reports “MDOT employees sifted through more than 15,400 possible plow monikers, all submitted by the public, to select the 330 winners.”

There are 74 plows in our region of the state, with lots of names to like on the list. While Frosted Flake and Kalamazoo Canoe fit perfectly, Lake Effect Collect is also strong. Michigan sports fans will love Steve Icerman, Barry Salt-and-Sanders, and Snowboni. The Simpsons are represented in our area with Mr. Plow and Snowabunga, while movie-lovers will get a chuckle out of Bladerunner, Buzz Iceclear, Darth Blader, and Snow Place Like Home. STEM nerds will giggle over Plowthagorean Theorem and Ctrl-Salt-Delete. The list is not complete without a very special tip of the winter cap and well wishes of eternal rest in peace to Betty Whiteout.

Highlights from other Michigan regions include Yooper Scooper and Polar Express from up north, MDOT's Grand region stole Derek Sleeter from us and is using Baby Snowda. Detroit tapped the Star Wars canon for Snowbegone Kenobi and its rich musical heritage with Kid Rock Salt and Alice Scooper. Honorable mention also goes to the University region's Dolly Plowton and Weird Plow Yankovic.

MDOT Snowplow Names for Southwest Region

  1. Almost Summer
  2. Barry Salt-and-Sanders
  3. Beach Buggy
  4. Betty Whiteout
  5. BettyLou Blizzard
  6. Big Kahuna
  7. Big Poppa
  8. Blade Runner
  9. Blades of Steel
  10. Bliz Wiz
  11. Blizzard Buster
  12. Buffy
  13. Buzz Iceclear
  14. Cheese Puff
  15. Chill Bill
  16. Ctrl Salt Delete
  17. Darth Blader
  18. Detroit SnoWings
  19. Frosted Flake
  20. Frosty
  21. Git Snow Git
  22. Hamilton
  23. Hulk
  24. It's Snow Problem
  25. Kalamazoo Canoe
  26. K-zoo
  27. Lady Lake Effect
  28. Lake Effect Collect
  29. Lead Dog
  30. Let It Snow
  31. Licensed to Chill
  32. Lil Snow Peep
  33. Love Mi Plow
  34. Lumber Jack
  35. Machine Plow Kelly
  36. Move It Move It
  37. Moxie
  38. Mr. Plow
  39. Pavement Liberator
  40. Plowabunga
  41. Plowasaurus Rex
  42. Plower Ranger
  43. Plowriffic
  44. Plowthagorean Theorem
  45. Ramrod the Destroyer
  46. Rocky Salterton
  47. Salt Whitman
  48. Salt-N-Peppa
  49. Salty Attitude
  50. Seymour Snow
  51. Sir Plows-A-Lot
  52. Sir Salts-A-Lot
  53. Slush Puppy
  54. Snow Can Do
  55. Snow Captain
  56. Snow Digitty
  57. Snow Hunter
  58. Snow It All
  59. Snow Place Like Home
  60. Snow Shall Not Pass
  61. Snow Shifter
  62. Snowbacca
  63. Snowboni
  64. Snowcrusher
  65. Snowfire
  66. Snowmaggedon
  67. Sodium Slinger
  68. Steve Icerman
  69. The Kraken
  70. Tiger
  71. Winter Commander
  72. Winter Express
  73. Winter Snowdier
  74. Yukon Cornelius

Sadly, the names will not be painted on the cabs of the plow trucks, but you can track all 300 in the state by name on the MiDrive map.

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