Here’s another overlooked Michigan town with very little recorded info.

The town of Snover is in Moore Township, Sanilac County. The first Caucasian person to come settle in the area was James Minard in 1860. Four years later, Martin Moore arrived and helped organize the township. Thanks to his involvement, the township was named after him in 1865.

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Snover, named after 1895-1898 Michigan Congressman Horace G. Snover,  began in the late-1800’s as a post office in the middle of the Michigan thumb, along with a church. The stores began springing up, and soon the town was flourishing. A general store, blacksmith, hotel, livery, and various other shops and businesses soon dotted the downtown area.

Most of those businesses are long gone, but Snover still has some great old storefronts still standing, making a roadtrip through town worth it. It’s cool to see they’ve kept so many of their old downtown buildings.

Take a look at some photos below, then take a roadtrip over and get some great shots for yourself!


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