I love Detroit and apparently so does singer Michael Bolton, so much in fact that he has made a movie about the city.

Bolton says that the making of the movie "American Dream:Detroit"' is a project that is six years in the making.   It all started when he decided to stop in at the Motown Museum.  It was at this time that the Grammy Award winning singer  fell in love with, not only the city of Detroit but the people as well...(those of us who live in Michigan have known this for years).  Bolton says that the people of the city that he met became very special to him, and he wanted to share his love of Detroit with the rest of the world.  Stating that Detroit is not a crime filled deserted city, but a city which has and continues to come back is a hot place to be seen, work, and live.

Bolton is very proud of his movie and loves to show off to the world the wonderful city of Detroit and the wonderful people who live and work there.  As a Detroit lover myself, it is amazing to see so many business opening up, restaurants popping up and so many folks fixing up homes that were once parts of beautiful neighborhoods.  Detroit is amazing.

The documentary  "American Dream :Detroit" will be showing in more than 450 theaters nationwide tonight (May 15th).

Michael Bolton tells MLive that he plans to be at the Redford Theatre in  Detroit tonight and will introduce the film to the audience.

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