This Thursday, April 22 is known as Earth Day.  It's a great day to be kind to our planet by showing appreciation.  To all of us, it's a day to help save the Earth.

I don't know about you but one of the things I plan on doing on Earth Day is planting a tree, a few shrubs, anything that helps celebrate this great day.

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I found a great article online at which offers 10 simple things to do to Celebrate Earth Day.  From the article, I picked out a few of my favorite things I plan on doing as well.

1.  Plant something.  That's my game plan, there are certain types of trees that really bloom nicely in the spring and on Earth Day, I'm digging a few holes and doing my part to help make Earth a better planet.  Might even plant one in my mom's yard as well.

2.  Ride your bike.  Another good thing for the Earth's environment is to ride your bike.  This equates to less cars on the road and not so much pollution in the air.  If you ever find the time, maybe you could ride your bike to work.

3.  Use a refillable water bottle.  Just think of all the plastic water bottles that are used every single day and just thrown away which leads to messing up the environment.  I have a reusable water bottle that I attach to my bicycle every time I take it for a spin.  Not only good for me, but good for the environment.

4.  Spend time outside.  I'm really good at this, especially on weekends. I love being outside, whether it's planting flowers or rose bushes or just breathing in fresh air, just get outside when you can and take advantage of how special Earth really is..

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