I remember when I was a kid going to the grocery store with my mom and seeing all the foods with the word “Shurfine” slapped on most of the labels. The term meant nothing to me until years later when I realized the word was a mashup of two words that meant their products are “sure fine”. DUH.

There seems to have been a smattering of actual Shurfine supermarkets, but the only occasions I came across their stuff were in independent grocery stores. So where did all the Shurfine products go? I haven’t seen ‘em in years…

Shurfine was a subsidiary of Western Family Foods, once known as Pacific Mercantile Cooperative, which was created in March 1934. Pacific was established as Western Family Foods 29 years later in 1963. The purpose of the company was to supply independent grocers with their brand items. Some of their brand names were Better Buy, MarketChoice, Shursaving, Western Family…..and Shurfine. Out of those five brand names, the only one I ever came across was Shurfine.

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Shurfine merged with Topco in 2001, which picked up the rest of Western Family Foods in June 2016. Topco now distributes the products, so the “Shurfine” name is still out there…somewhere….I just haven’t seen it in Michigan in years. Ohio, yeah, but not Michigan.

While there may or may not be any Shurfine products currently for sale in Michigan (if anyone is aware of any, let me know), at least the old Shurfine logo might jostle the memories of those who were kids back in the day. Take a look at some old Shurfine products in the gallery below!

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