What in the world is going on with the shortage of bus drivers in Michigan? This has become a serious problem when students are left without a ride to school along with hourlong delays.

This is happening all over Michigan, a shortage of bus drivers. It's been so bad that some students have had to be driven to school by their own parents because there is no bus service or they're running late.

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According to the Lansing State Journal:

Heading into the school year, Dean was looking to hire hundreds of drivers across the state, where it provides busing services in every major market in the Lower Peninsula. During a recent drop-off, Hudson's bus driver implored his mom to spread the word: Dean Transportation is hiring.

Can you imagine being a parent and receiving a phone call informing you that the school bus won't be picking up your son or daughter because we don't have enough bus drivers? That's kind of a scary thought!

And the bus driver shortage isn't just here in Michigan, this is a nationwide problem.

The Lansing State Journal tells us:

In the first two weeks of school, Lansing School District has distributed 1,220 gas cards worth $25 each-$30,500-to families who are driving their children to school. It has also given away 222 Capital Area Transportation Authority passes allowing students to ride a city bus to school.

I remember about a month ago broadcasting live from Dean Transportation on Aurelius Rd. in Lansing promoting the Dean Team job fair. It was all about hiring close to 30 people who would be interested in becoming a school bus driver.

We can tell you that there is no problem when it comes to having enough vehicles to drive our kids to school, the real problem is not enough bus drivers!

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