There’s not much that’s creepier than being alone in the close-quarter bowels of a massive ship.

The ship Valley Camp is just the ship for this…..and it’s said to be haunted, to boot.

This 550-foot freighter has been turned into a museum, making it easy for curious paranormal seekers to visit and enter. So what makes this ship haunted? It obviously didn’t sink to the depths and wasn’t bombed or wrecked. It’s believed that since it’s a museum with plenty of old maritime artifacts on board - including parts of the Edmund Fitzgerald - that the items could contain some attached paranormal entities.

During the night, witnesses have seen shadowy human shapes walking on the ship’s deck. Another particular occurrence took place in the former coal furnace room. The sound of extreme coughing and hacking was heard in the area, and an investigator who was nearby asked what it was. No answer came forth, but a recording device was on hand. When played back, a voice had been recorded that said “I am coughing”.

There are a handful of other examples of paranormal activity and unexplained instances on this ship…and it had plenty of time to store up the souls of any lost crew members. The ship was built in 1917 and was put to pasture in 1966 – 49 years of officers and crew who came, went, and died…and possibly miss their old ship.

Pay a visit for the exhibits, history, and haunting. Check out their website HERE.  Located at 326 E Portage Ave, Sault Ste. Marie.

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