Eateries are not built to survive on take out business alone. That statement comes from Sam Short, who is the owner of Potent Potables Project's four Lansing area restaurants.

Sam's eateries are Zoobies Old Tavern, The Cosmos Wood Fired Pizza, The Creole Burger Bar and Southern Kitchen, and Punk Taco.

According to the Lansing State Journal, Potent Potables Project's eateries are among several in the Lansing area closed right now amid the coronavirus pandemic, their doors shut for two months or more.

Most restaurant owners feel that it's a struggle to remain optimistic about their business with no revenue coming in.

According to survey data from the Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association released last month, statewide 5,600 restaurant owners say it is unlikely they will still be in business in six months. (LSJ)

In 2020, more than a dozen eateries closed for good in the Lansing area, their owners citing the pandemic and statewide restrictions.

Another restaurant, Golden Harvest, a 30 seat diner in Lansing's Old Town, has been closed for 10 months. The owner recently said that despite speculation it would never reopen, she plans to but can't until the state lifts dine in capacity restrictions. (LSJ)

The Mason Depot Diner, an eatery housed in a century old former railroad station has been closed for even longer.

The decision to close Swany's Pub & Grub's door in St. Johns has cost owner Dana Swanson.

Swany's employed 26 people before the pandemic and now they are all laid off. With no revenue coming in, Swanson said selling her house has kept the restaurant afloat. The profit will allow her to sustain it for six to eight more months. (LSJ)

Coming up on February 1, we will all find out if Governor Gretchen Whitmer will open all restaurants for business. Until then, stay safe!

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