Would you fly right now? In the middle of the pandemic?

We know states are easing restrictions and folks are trying to get back to the "new normal".

BTW I hate "new normal" almost as much as I hate "in these uncertain times". Just saying.

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So as we're easing restrictions, coming up with plans to re-engage economies, and so on - people are returning to their routines.

Or some folks never walked away from travel as it was a necessity.

But you couldn't pay me to get on a plane right now. Being stuck in a tube, in the sky, all of us breathing the same contained air. Even if you're wearing a face mask. Or if other passengers are wearing face masks. And if they are social distancing and seated far enough away from you.

But according to several stories, photos, and videos, that's not the case.

Peep the video up top from NowThis News .

American Airlines flight 388 was traveling from NYC to Charlotte, NC. One passenger, Erin Strine, posted a video to social media showing the crowded flight and lack of travelers with face masks.  (NowThis News)

Also this.

That's Dr. Ethan Weiss, a San Francisco-based cardiologist

This weekend, the doctor’s fears were confirmed when he and 25 other medical professionals found themselves on a jam-packed flight from Newark to San Francisco — despite a previous assurance from United that social distancing measures would be in place. (Washington Post)

I thought the airlines were struggling? And maybe this is why they are sill...overcrowding planes? In the middle of a pandemic?

I also thought I read somewhere that they were not selling middle seats for more room for social distancing? Oh...the good doctor tweeted about that too.

I know ticket prices are hella cheap right now. But this is not making me feel any better about getting on a plane now or anytime soon. Or for that matter a cruise. We all know how that worked out earlier.

If it's any consolation to you at all, United did get back to Dr. Weiss. And they said they would do better next time. They spoke of transparency, giving customers more control in the choices they can make in the face of a packed flight, passengers notified 24 hours before the flight and being able to make a flight change at the gate. Read more in the tweet below.

And nope. I'm still staying home and staying safe. And if I am going anywhere, I'll be driving. With probably just me in the car. Breathing my OWN air lol.

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