This missing person story could have a much different ending without the help of these two bloodhounds.

Allen Jefferis is an 84-year-old resident of Union City, Indiana.  He went missing sometime after dark on Christmas Eve, which triggered a Silver Alert in Boone County.  The Boone County Sheriff's Department wasn't having a lot of luck at the beginning of the search according to,

crews were unable to find Jefferis for about 11 hours before Chase, a K-9 with the Boone County Bloodhound Unit, was called in to help.

Boone County K-9 Chase teamed up with Hamilton County K-9 Maudie on Christmas Day.  In a very short time after the dogs put their sniffers to work, they found a cold and wet Allen Jefferis in the woods near a creek.  Wanna see the two heroic dogs that saved Christmas in Union City?  Of course, you do.  Check out the video from WRTV below.

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Boone County Sheriff Mike Nielson was not only thankful for these two K-9 Christmas miracles, but he also pointed out how incredible it was to see 300-400 people spend hours and hours of their Christmas Eve and Christmas day searching for the missing man.

Mr. Allen Jefferis is home safe and healthy with his family.

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