But hopefully not for good.

Schuler Books inside the Eastwood Towne Center will be closing in mid-February, due to rental costs, not lack of sales.

Located at 2820 Towne Center Blvd, they'll be having a store-closing sale beginning this Wednesday, January 10.

Why are they closing, then? The center wants to 'reconfigure' that wing which would knock out the bookstore's popular cafe'....leaving Schuler's to pay more rent for less space.

According to co-owner Bill Fehsenfeld on, "It's just not very viable. We looked very hard at trying to see if we could make it work in that kind of space and at those kinds of numbers." Higher taxes are another factor in the closing.

Schuler Books set up shop in Eastwood Towne Center space in September 2002. Fehsenfeld says business was up in December, even over LAST December, so business was good.

You can bet I'll be at that sale! It'll kick off with 25% off books, music & video along with 50% off other's an extraordinary book store.

Will the owners open in a new location? We hope so.
BECAUSE WE NEED BOOKS. I realize there are a lot of people under the age of 30 who solely rely on the internet for their reading, and that's a shame. Books are necessary, enjoyable, relaxing, entertaining and great to have on your shelf.

Show 'em your support by stopping by soon...whether it's for the sale or not. Maybe if enough people show up, it'll coax them a little more to re-open in another location.

Read more about Schuler's closing on by CLICKING HERE.


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