You don't have to go to Massachusetts to visit the village of Salem...we have one in Michigan, not far from here.

Salem, Michigan is located in Salem Township, Washtenaw County, in the upper right-hand corner, almost out of the county line limits.....14 miles northeast of Ann Arbor.

It has nothing to do with burning witches or anything satanic like it's Massachusetts namesake.....but it's a cool little place to drive-thru someday.

The first people to settle in the Salem area came from New York in 1825; the first post office was established in 1832. The most famous person born in Salem is Barbara Lewis, who had a few chart hits in the 1960's like "Hello Stranger" (1963), "Baby, I'm Yours" (1965) and "Make Me Your Baby" (1965).

Salem is a nice little tucked-away unincorporated community that feels like you've stepped back in time a few decades, chock-full of old, original structures. It's simply a pleasant little village to drive-thru someday. The more you know & see of Michigan's more obscure places, the more you'll appreciate what we have.


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