Yes, the wheel on Wheel of Fortune is just as much fun to spin as you thought.

A few years back my husband (WILX News Anchor David Andrews) and I got to go to Chicago for a taping of the game show Wheel of Fortune. We had a blast.

I usually avoid meeting celebrities because, in many cases, some tend to be very full of themselves and some are downright rude. But not Pat and Vanna. Those two are even nicer than you would think. It was funny to watch them last week when they said that Pat had given away the answer to the puzzle by accident.

What was the answer that Pat Sajak gave away?

Sajak said the answer to the puzzle, "Quite Frankly," during the bonus round, but the contestant was concentrating so hard they did not hear it.

What was it like to go to a taping of Wheel of Fortune?

Wheel of Fortune was taping their shows from Chicago on Navy Pier, and this was several years ago. The media was invited, so heck yeah we were not going to miss out on this one.

Before taping began on the Wheel of Fortune, we got a chance to meet Pat and Vanna. The two had their own trailers backstage, and they couldn't have been nicer. Vanna was sitting in a chair outside of her trailer and she was knitting, seriously it was so cute.

During our visit, we got to go into Sajak's trailer for a super nice interview. The guy is amazing. So, yeah, Vanna was knitting during the interview. She was making a baby blanket for a crew member. How sweet is that?

The letter turner loves to tell the story of how she got the job on Wheel.

How did Vanna and Pat get hired?

Vanna and Pat were hired because then boss Merv Griffin said the two had large heads and that would look better on T.V.

Pat and Vanna, the big heads, have been hosting Wheel for around 39 years. You might think that doing the same thing for so many years might cause burnout, but not for those two. Sajak and White have a pretty good deal. They only work for Wheel of Fortune 36 days a year. They work four days a month for nine months. That breaks down to earning about 52,000 dollars per show. Not a bad gig right?

Pat Sajak pulls in 15 million per year for hosting and Vanna brings home 10 million for letter turning. I say good for them, couldn't happen to two nicer people!

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