Jon Bon Jovi has donated more than a half a million dollars to a facility for homeless Veterans.

The rocker, who never served in the military, came from a family where both Mom and Dad were Marines. "Service was always a part of who I was" he told the Washington Post.

Bon Jovi's foundation lent its support to HELP USA which has driven its efforts to run permanent housing programs across America to help out our homeless Veterans. Many of these veterans return from the field with PTSD and struggle to adjust to life back in the states. When there's nowhere else for them to turn to, they end up living on the streets or taking on temporary solutions.

The JBJ Soul  Foundation and HELP USA helped put a roof over dozens of Veteran's who have been transitioning in and out of homelessness.

Jon says these are the very men and women who put their lives on the line and fought for the country, but end up being homeless when they return, unable to get back on their feet. Bon Jovi's foundation has donated over half a million dollars to provide homeless Veterans with a place that they can call "home."

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