Here's something to start your Michigan roadtrip off right, and it's not far away: the New Era potato chip Silo in Portland.

New Era potato chips were founded in Detroit in the 1920's and became a state classic chip...and later a nationally famous chip. The design on the bag is now an icon of Michigan snacks.

Along with New Era, Detroit was home to no less than 40 brands of potato chips, including Better Made, Vita Boy, Krun-Chee, Evercrisp, Superior, Wolverine, Mello Krisp and others. But New Era was a favorite that lasted for many years, beating out all others except Better Made, which is supposedly the last Detroit potato chip still standing.

So, kick off that Michigan roadtrip with a stop & photo-op at Portland's New Era potato chip silo, located on E. Grand River Avenue, one mile south of I-96 off Exit 77...

...and spend your hard-earned dough in Michigan this summer!