Rihanna's latest Fenty Beauty launch is shaping up to be more of a trick than a treat.

The "This Is What You Came For" star's makeup company has joined forces with a brand called MSCHF for a release that contains individual packets of a shimmery red lip gloss as well as actual ketchup.

Yes, you read that correctly. You might be glossing your lips up with Fenty's glam gloss or painting your pout with a squirt of ketchup. And it doesn't even look like it's Heinz...

The Ketchup or Makeup collection is available for $25 on its own website.

That price will buy you a box of six mystery packets very much like the ones that would accompany your order at a fast food stop. Only these contain either ketchup or gloss. Interestingly, there's no guarantee on the site that any of the packets in your order will actually contain gloss. You might just get six individual packets of ketchup. That's the risk you take.

Fenty Beauty and MSCHF both announced the collab with wacky posts on Instagram.

"New drop with [MSCHF]," Fenty's post teased in the caption.

The accompanying photos feature an image of a model applying lip gloss with a doe-foot applicator. Another snapshot from the campaign shows the model using a fry to line her lips in ketchup. How... glam?

If MSCHF sounds familiar, there's a good reason. Billboard points out the brand collaborated with Lil Nas X on his infamous Satan Shoes, which caused a stir in 2021.

Based out of Brooklyn, the brand is an art collective that launched in 2016. Since then they have released other unique and unexpected products. They also boast The Weeknd as a previous collaborator.

The Fenty Beauty release marks the brand's 83rd project to date.

According to Vanity Fair, Fenty Beauty first launched in 2017. Since then, the brand has been lauded for its expansive shade range and must-have products.

It remains to be seen if fans will be clamoring for a chance to try out the brand's latest, tangy release.

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