Wow...the things that make up the insides of this 75-foot deep underwater crater...
Diver Ric Mixter called it an “alien environment” and boy, he hit it right on the head.

We're going back to the Middle Island Sinkhole to show you more photos of the bottom of this eerie, 75-foot deep crater in Lake Huron.

The hole was caused when an underwater cavern collapsed and filled with water, creating a 100-foot wide crater. Sitting a couple of miles offshore of Alpena, the sinkhole (according to Mixter) “looks like an abandoned quarry.....large boulders have collapsed into a deep ravine.....a layer of water looks like you’re staring into petroleum jelly.” Mixter also states that a lot of concentrated sulfur in the hole keeps fish from entering and looking for food.

The previous descriptions just barely touch the surface of the bizarre, other-worldly visions that await at the bottom of this underwater pit. In the photo gallery below, you'll see images that resemble a western canyon, the moon surface, a dark abyss, slime that looks like spider webbing, an odd rubbery phallus-shaped object rooted in the dirt, purple landscapes, and a few other strange images.

Read more of Ric Mixter's experience in the sinkhole HERE. For now, take a look at the photos in the gallery below. Then check out an earlier article HERE I posted on the Middle Island Sinkhole with even more weird photos...This is truly weird, wild stuff...

More Images of the Middle Island Sinkhole


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