Have you heard that the Okemos Road bridge project is about a month behind schedule?

My wife and I live in Okemos and we both had to find an alternate route to work in the morning. You can't through the southbound side of the Okemos Road bridge because it's completely shut down.

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In fact most of the traffic heading south has been detoured to Dobie Road which is my neck of the woods. Some days it's very difficult to go southbound because of all the traffic.

According to the Lansing State Journal:

Although work was supposed to start in February, construction was delayed a month due to AT&T upgrades, including boring new ducts under the Red Cedar River, pulling new lines through the ducts and splicing the lines, Director of Public Works Dan Opsommer wrote in a memo to the township board earlier this month.

Okay this is all foreign to me, I have no idea what there talking about. Moving right along I will tell you this, the plan is to still have the whole project completed by late November.

When this entire project is finished, it will look absolutely fantastic. This is a very old bridge and it's needed a major over haul for a very long time.

To sum it up according to the Lansing State Journal:

The Ingham County Road Department project includes replacing the existing bridges with a five-lane, single span bridge, and Mt. Hope intersection reconstruction, traffic signal and sidewalk/ramp reconstruction.

Many Okemos residents are very excited about this project and are looking forward to seeing it completely finished.

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