REO Speedwagon has been rocking out the hits as far back as I can remember. Can you believe that REO Speedwagon was formed back in the 1960's?

The only founding member of the group these days happens to be Neal Doughty, who plays keyboards. And just the fact that this band has stayed together one way or another is truly amazing.

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Here's a rock and roll favorite from REO Speedwagon!

This legendary iconic band will perform at Jackson College on Friday, Oct.14 at 7 p.m. The concert will take place at the Potter Center at 2111 Emmons Road.

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The band still features Neal Doughty on the keyboards, who is the only founding member of the group still in the current line-up. In 1972, Kevin Cronin joined the band and left before returning in 1976 to remain the group’s front man.

Kevin Cronin has written so many of REO Speedwagon's most popular songs, including the song "Keep on Loving You," which came out in 1980.

Over the many years of recording hit songs for the radio, REO Speedwagon continues to play at different venues every single year, and fans still come from all over just to hear their favorite REO songs. adds:

Despite recording in the 1970s, REO Speedwagon is best remembered for the 1980s rock hits from the now-Platinum album, “Hi Infidelity,” including “Take It on the Run,” “Keep on Loving You,” and “Don’t Let Him Go.”

One of my personal favorites from REO's "Hi Infidelity" album is "Take it on the Run."

I've seen REO Speedwagon in concert at least ten times and they really put on a great show. They are one of the best 80's groups around and they will play all of your favorite REO songs in concert.

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