Is anyone sick and tired of all this snow lately?  Here in the Lansing area, we've been hit with bursts of snow several times over the last few weeks or so.

But nothing compares to the snowfall that Marquette had to deal with in the Upper Peninsula this week.

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We're talking about record breaking snowfall in the U.P. Of course skiers and people who love snowmobiling have no complaints about major snowfall as long as the snow keeps on falling.

According to

Most notably, the 21.6 inches of snow on Tuesday, Feb. 22 is the most snowfall for a February day at the bureau in its history dating back to 1961.

How about that, record breaking snowfall in Marquette, Michigan.

That's almost two feet of snow in the Upper Peninsula. I can't remember the last time the Lansing area alone received that much snow. We haven't had a storm like that in quite some time. adds:

The snowfall broke a record 19.4 inches the area received on Feb. 26, 2002. The previous record for snowfall on Feb. 22 was just 7.5 inches in 1974.

If you love snow in the U.P., then you'll enjoy all the fun winter activities in Marquette. The area is loaded with very scenic hiking trails including frozen waterfalls.

They have many trails for beginner and novice skiers along with plenty of downhill skiing.

My wife and I have a couple of friends who have just taken up snowshoeing and really enjoy it. Snowshoeing in Marquette is perfect for anyone who wants to spend time exploring trails, rivers, and all the beauty that the U.P. is known for. paints the perfect picture of Marquette.

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