There are several reasons as to why many people Love the rain. For me, I Love falling asleep listening to the rain. There's something about rain hitting the roof and just completely relaxing me to the point of total comfort.

Rain can also make the sleeping environment cooler and darker, which are other factors that promote sound sleep.

Another reason to Love Rain:

Rain is vital. Rain is good for a lot of things. The vegetables we eat, the trees in our parks and the flowers in our gardens all need rain as well as sunlight in order to grow and thrive.

Did you ever notice that it smells good after it rains? That pleasant, fresh scent of rain is most intense after a dry spell.

We all know that rain can disrupt so many things like baseball games, a picnic at your favorite park, a parade, and more. But still, there is just simple beauty in a fresh rain that can bring about a beautiful rainbow.

Rain is the perfect excuse to stay in:

Outdoor adventures and activities are great fun, but sometimes you just want to enjoy some quiet, simple things instead.

If all you want is some peaceful time with a cup of tea and to stay in to read, paint, knit, bake, watch Netflix or play games, rainy days are perfect for it.

Let's take a look at 10 Reasons to Love the Rain. The website is

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