Megan Fox revealed the surprising reason that she doesn't drink alcohol.

During a recent interview with WhoWhatWear, Fox recalled a moment at the 2009 Golden Globes which caused her to quit drinking altogether. She was seated at a table with Blake Lively and the Jonas Brothers and things got a bit out of hand thanks to the unlimited supply of alcohol.

“At the Golden Globes, they always put those giant bottles of Moet champagne on the table. I went through multiple glasses of that. Now I don’t drink and this is why. I was belligerent. And. said a bunch of sh-- I shouldn’t have said on the red carpet after that," she recalled.

“I got in a lot of trouble for what I said on the red carpet at this event. I don't remember what I did, but you can look that up," Fox concluded.

Fox was referencing her infamous interview with Giuliana Rancic and E! News that caused quite the scandal at the time.

"I'm pretty sure I'm a doppelgänger for Alan Alda," she said before using a transphobic slur.

She also spoke about Salma Hayek, "I really want her boobs. Those are the most amazing boobs," Fox told the host.

At the time, she was engaged to her now ex-husband Brian Austin Green. Rancic questioned why he wasn't present with her for the awards show.

"He doesn't want to be here. He doesn't want to be my date. He's a man. He has an ego," Fox revealed.

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