There are certain things in life that you might randomly buy for your home or maybe even get as a Fathers Day gift.  At the time you might think, what was I thinking I do not need this. But mark my words, one day something will happen and you will be so glad that you have this random thing, and will also impress your neighbors and friends (that is kind of what it's all about anyway isn't?).

You might be wondering what is this crazy woman talking about. Well take a movers dolly for instance. No I agree you will not need it on a daily basis, but when the time comes you need to move some heavy stuff, you will so glad you have it. And yes, your friends will be a bit in awe that you have such a random but cool thing.

Save your home with this one: a can of fire-extinguishing aerosol spray. Perfect if you don't have the room for a regular fire extinguisher. Not only impressive to have, but lifesaving as well.

In my house, our flashlights rarely work, so in an emergency you could have a two pack compact, collapsible lightweight LED lanterns. These are light weight, water proof and if you drop them (guaranteed I would do that ) they can fall 10 feet and still keep you illuminated.

A 16-gallon, craftsman heavy-duty wet/dry vacuum is another random useful item. We have one and you will use yours more that you will ever know.

Want to know what's happening around your house inside and outside?  Let me recommend a high-def indoor/outdoor wireless home security system that the makers say is ridiculously easy to install and (this is the amazing part) has a 3,654 day life span for one charge on the batteries.

Looking for an interesting Father's day gift? BuzzFeed has the gifts for Dad or for you, either way, you're welcome.

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