Summer in Michigan is so many things. To some, it means a life aquatic, rarely ever leaving the water between late May and early September. To others summer is spent in the backyard where they've created they're own unique oasis. Some may enjoy gassing up the quad or side by side and hitting the dunes.

With two peninsulas to explore even lifelong residents haven't seen it all. Waterfalls, hiking trails, and rocks that are worth traveling hundreds of miles to see. Festivals, wineries, motorcycle runs, marathons, street fairs, street food and county fairs. Michigan summers are an endless opportunity to see exactly what makes this state a summer destination.

Here are 7 TikToks all about Pure Michigan summers. One of them is bound to make you feel sunshine on your face:

There is snow on the ground, but this TikTok made by GreatLakesDancer, is something we've all experienced. The first nice day of the year, usually March, sometimes February, when the sun is out, the temperature is above 50 and you start to feel the summer.

Tulips, campfires, beach sand and beautiful water. We call that a Tuesday in Michigan.

TheWanderingMichigander has a great bucket list that includes my favorite falls ever: Tahquamenon Falls. Say it. It's just fun to say.

When was the last time you swam in one of the Great Lakes or went to a ball game?

Michigan's Upper Peninsula still has that new peninsula smell.

Driving over the Mackinac Bridge is a rite of passage for any true Michigander.

This is the way.

There is truly nothing like a Pure Michigan summer. Let's grab a cooler and a wooden pallet. We'll either burn the pallet or paint it, depending on what's in the cooler.

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