Politics in Bridgeport Connecticut have turned into a 'political pissing contest' - literally..

Two feuding politicians are accusing each other of being on mind-altering drugs, this after the two got into an ugly fight in the comments section of a local political blog.

Folks in the area are calling it "a modern twist on the classic political duel."  Instead of pistols the two  handed over plastic cups of urine, and they each passed their respective tests.

The showdown in Bridgeport took place after two Democrats started sniping at each other.  The candidates are Bridgeport City Councilman Ernest Newton and Board of Education member Maria Pereira, both passed the drug testing.

The back and forth between the two candidate's continued and  one of Bridgeport said that all the fuss just made the two the butt of an infinite amount of jokes at the expense of the city they both claim to love.














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