Who's ready for spring? One of the biggest reasons I'm looking forward to spring is because I have several projects that need tackling.

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Project 1. Finish the deck.  Try not to laugh when you read this, but I demolished my old deck about three years ago and haven't finished the new one quite yet. This spring I'm going to order all the materials and get that deck finished. All I need to do is get the decking boards, screw them into the 2x12 boards, and we'll be good to go for summer.

Project 2. Paint the shed.  We have too many projects taking place at our home but yet it keeps my wife and I very busy. We now have a fairly good size shed in our backyard and it needs to be painted. I also need to add wiring so that I can have lights and a few outlets inside the shed. Once this project is completed, then it's time to give our riding lawn mower a home.

Project 3. Fix the backyard fence. Here's a project I'm not looking forward too. Over the winter, two 8 foot sections of our backyard fence fell over. Apparently two 4x4 posts holding up the two 8 foot sections broke in half and gave way. This will require too much manual labor, but it's another project that needs to get done.

Project 4. Flower and lawn maintenance. First of all, we have to have the best looking lawn in our neighborhood bar none. This requires a lot of patience and fertilizer. Then my wife and I will work on when and where to plant new flowers for the front yard and the backyard.

Project 5. Enjoy our finished projects. Nothing makes you feel better than when a project has been completed. My wife and I celebrate each finished project by grilling a few steaks and enjoying an ice cold beverage or two or maybe even three.

Take a look at several outdoor projects to tackle this spring, courtesy of loveandrenovations.com.

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