Munising based Pirate Cruises are getting ready to  launch their summer tours, but before they do that they need to hire some pirates to help man the ship.

The pirate ship The Good Fortune is currently looking for a Captain and also needs pirates to work as deck hands and fill other positions.

How fun would this be, you could take your family on a pirate cruise on the U.P.'s Lake Superior , the company also offers adult sunset cruises , that are just over an hour, and takes you on a tour of Munising Bay.

Last summer, the Good Fortune offered similar cruises on the straits of Mackinac.  The owners decided it was time for a scenery change, so they moved farther north.

If you think the pirate life is for you, and you are in need of summer work, this could be an awesome job.

Cutty Sark
Getty Images

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