Pine Stump Junction is one of those places in the U.P. many Michigan trolls never heard of. Well, now you will.

The “junction” part comes from a handful of old logging roads that all end up at Pine Stump. These old roads zig-zag through the miles and miles of woods, going by quite a few old logging camps.

So far, its origin has been traced back to the 1860s, but its possible it was around before then. Many logging camps were set up, isolated throughout the woods.

As for how it got its name:
Regarding the lumbermen's mail service, there was a huge old pine tree stump at the junction, with an iron mailbox connected to it. Loggers would drop off and pick up their mail they just began referring to their community as "Pine Stump Junction".

Pine Stump Junction currently has the Winter Haven Motel on the north end, and the Pine Stump Restaurant that has been serving pizza and burgers to tourists and locals for well over 75 years. It's a popular meeting place & hangout for snowmobilers.

You'll find it alongside Deer Park Road (County Road 407) in Luce County, 19 miles north of Newberry.

It's a bit out-of-the-way, but worth the effort if you add it to your roadtrip itinerary this year!



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