Time is running out for me to find the perfect Christmas gift for my wife. Every holiday season I go through the same issue that I'm going through now.

What can I get my wife that she will absolutely love this holiday season?

You know what makes it even that much more difficult? When I ask her what she would like for Christmas, I get the same answer every year. "I really can't think of anything."

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I think she just wants me to completely surprise her with something outstanding and spectacular.

And that's where I could use some major help. I mean how many websites can a husband check out every single day just to come up with the perfect Christmas gift or gifts, for his beautiful wife?

So then I logged on to usatoday.com and there it was right in front of me, 50 gifts your wife will absolutely love in 2021.

On this huge Christmas list so to speak, I found leggings, tech gadgets, jewelry, really nice socks, and even a reversible yoga mat.

Even though usatoday.com gave me some great gift ideas for my wife, I had to look over every gift idea just to make sure my loving wife would really appreciate her Christmas gift on Christmas Day.

I certainly won't be buying her a yoga mat, she would just laugh at me for hours and tell me to take it back where it came from. (she's not into yoga)

I think I have narrowed it down with two gifts in mind for my wife:

1. A week at the spa.

2. Diamond necklace with matching earrings.

These gifts are perfect for my wife. Who wouldn't want to be pampered all week long at the spa while showing off her diamond necklace with matching earrings.

Maybe as a bonus gift I'll throw in a pair of AirPods.

I think my search is finally over. I feel really good about these choices and need to get busy shopping.

Happy Holidays!

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