Oh, my goodness...it's another dastardly Michigan desperado!
He was not a murderer...not a kidnapper...not an embezzler.....not even a jaywalker. His crime was sneaking European Pez dispensers into the United States.

His name is Steve Glew from the town of Dewitt in Clinton County.

Netflix has produced a docu-drama about Steve, with an actor playing Steve and clips of the real Steve. Lovingly (?) titled “The Pez Outlaw”, the film relates how Steve snuck in foreign Pez dispensers for collectors who were anxious to get ahold of some...and pay well for 'em. How did he do this? According to Mlive, “Glew went right to the Pez factories overseas and had them make what’s known as 'misfits,' essentially knockoff Pez, by the millions. He bought them, brought them back into the states and sold them on the black market.”

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And, according to Pez collector Jim Blaine via Mlive, “It’s illegal, but Pez doesn’t verify through Customs. So, when Glew came through Customs, nothing was blocked from coming in. That’s how he was getting the Pez through.”

So why did Steve Glew from Dewitt go so far out of his way to do all this? The film explains that all Steve wanted to do was find a way to take care of his home and family...he was just trying to provide. Blaine also goes on to say “(the film is) about a guy who people think was washed up and was a nobody, but in the eyes of his wife, he’s everything.”

Check out the Netflix film for yourself, and also check out Steve's Facebook page.

So, just how much did he make from these Pez dispensers?
4.5 million dollars within eleven years.

The Pez Outlaw: Steve Glew of Dewitt


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