Petoskey is loaded with ghosts…so I keep hearing. Rather than list all of them – as some are just not that interesting – I’ve narrowed it down to three sites around Petoskey that seem pretty unique in their haunts.

The Perry Hotel has been around since 1899 and has many ghosts still lingering about.
In 1902 a distraught woman committed suicide, and ever since, patrons of the hotel have seen her ghostly form standing in the garden, staring out into Lake Michigan.

Another hotel tenant happened to take a picture with her smartphone from outside the building. When she looked at the picture, it showed what looked like a headless coachman who was approximately eight feet tall, wearing white gloves and a black cloak.

The Perry Hotel also has a library ghost – a female named ‘Doris’ who is reminiscent of the library ghost seen in the first few minutes of the first “Ghostbusters” movie.

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On US 31 west of Petoskey there has been the spectral sight of a man riding a three-wheeled cycle. This apparition can only be seen between the hours of 10pm and 2am. Upon seeing this vision, it appears to be moving in slow-motion. Drivers who pass him on the road have looked into their rearview mirror only to discover this image has disappeared.

At 422 E. Mitchell Street, it’s believed three spirits haunt three floors – one ghost for each floor. These three phantoms seem to be very well known and distinctly identifiable.

1) The first ghost is that of a musician who rented a top apartment; dissatisfied with his career, he committed suicide.

2) The second ghost seems to enjoy hanging around the second floor near an air conditioner. His/her presence can be detected by smell – this spirit has an odor of rancid, rotting vegetables.

3) The third is believed to be the ghost of a female, who lurks in the dark shadows of the basement. Why does she stay down there? Buried in the floor? What happened to her that makes her remain in the cellar?

Petoskey has other haunts, for sure…but these three spectral sites are some of the most unique. Spend some time there soon…

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