The tiny community of Peters is located in the thumb, in southeast Casco Township, St. Clair County.

The village was originally settled as a postal service under the name "Petersburg" after John Peters, one of the area's first settlers. Unfortunately, the town had to shorten it to simply "Peters", thanks to an already-existing Michigan post office named 'Petersburg'.

The post office was established in 1891 and closed in 1905.

Along with the post office, Peters had a couple of churches, a couple of one-room schoolhouses and a couple of shops. One church and one schoolhouse still stand.

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There is a curious building on the east side of Palms Road as you head north into the former downtown. It looks like it may have been an old tavern or inn. It also could've been the post office, or even a general store. Currently, it appears to be a residence.

The St. Paul Cemetery is split in two by Palms Road.

There are no gas stations, no stores, no plan accordingly if you visit.

There's a nice handful of photo ops here for any Michigan historian, or anybody who enjoys seeing old buildings and deserted homes. Always treat these places with dignity, and respect any 'no trespassing' signs that might be around.

Take a short roadtrip over there sometime and get acquainted with this isolated, tucked-away Michigan village! Check out the photos below...


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