One of the hardest things EVER is to lose a pet.... many times they're harder to lose than an actual human. Why? One reason could be that with a human, you at least can still talk with them and say your goodbyes to each other. You can say things to your pet as well, but you wonder if they understand what you’re saying or even what is happening to them.

Dogs and cats seem to have a sense of their fates...both will try to get out of the house and go somewhere secluded where they can pass away undisturbed.

Once gone, then what? A lot of pet owners bury their deceased animals out in the backyard, and maybe plant a bush, flowers, or a tree over the makeshift grave. Some have their favorite pets stuffed so they can still be around the house forever. Another option that more and more pet owners consider is a pet cemetery.

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Don’t let the movie Pet Sematary scare you...most Michigan pet cemeteries are serene and very well kept. Walking thru many of these pet cemeteries gives you a sense of sentimental serenity, or sadness, seeing how loved these pets were. The epitaphs on the markers can be very touching. Michigan has a good share of cremation services for deceased pets, but many owners can’t bear the thought of cremation.

MIchigan also has a good share of pet cemeteries for you to consider.
Among the list, some of them that are included are:

Garden of Our Little Friends, 43300 W 12 Mile, Novi
Garden of Our Little Friends, 43224 Ford Road, Westland
Gateway to Animal Heaven,  4800 Curtis, Plymouth
Gleason/E-Mar Pet Cemetery,  1680 N 3rd, Oshtemo
Harperlawn Pet Memorial Garden, 33711 Harper, Clinton Twp
Heavenly Acres Pet Cemetery,  501 S Kellogg, Howell
Luv Pet Cemetery, 311 School, Decatur
Memorial Pet Cemetery,  3764 Hackett, Saginaw
Metropolitan Memorial Pet Cemetery, 22931 E 14 Mile, Clinton Twp
Monroe Pet Cemetery,  15339 S Telegraph, Monroe
Noah's Garden Pet Cemetery,  2727 Orange, SE Grand Rapids
Pet Memorial Park, 2275 S Ortonville, Ortonville
Pet Rest Gardens, 7185 Gillette, Flushing
Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery, 2941 64th Street, Byron Center

Below is a short gallery of some of the Michigan pet cemeteries you can choose from...

Michigan Pet Cemeteries


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