This little burg can be considered a ghost town, even though there are still a few residents left. Partello is located in Calhoun County's Lee Township, down 23 Mile Road, just south of the V Drive N junction.

The town got it's start in 1844 when the Dover Company attempted to build a lumber mill. They sold the land to J.R. Partello, who built a more successful sawmill, but it burned down the following year.

Even so, the village grew and more businesses started to pop up: two blacksmiths, church, cider mill, general store, post office (1856-1905), schoolhouse and wagon shop. There was also an entertainment center named 'Grange Hall' where they held special programs, dances, music and potluck dinners.

The original town plat had over 50 proposed lots and three side streets: East, West and Mill, but you wouldn't know it from the town's current state. A very few old buildings still stand within overgrown weeds and bushes.

The Partello Cemetery is located just south of town on 23 Mile Road. It's not that simple to find, unless you know where it is; it's hidden within a grove of trees and a small farmer's lane takes yo to it (SEE PHOTOS BELOW).

Owners & neighbors seem to be OK with stopping for photos, but as mentioned above, seek permission to enter.

Partello is another closeby, forgotten Michigan 'ghost town' that makes a great place to drive-thru for some photo ops!