Ever been to Parshallville?
Have you even HEARD of Parshallville?
Many Michiganders haven't.

Parshallville sits in Hartland Township, Livingston County. The village was founded by Isaac Parshall, who was looking for a good place along Ore Creek to build a mill. It was here that Isaac created Success Flour; he then established the town's post office in 1837. Thanks to Parshall, his postal service, and his mills, the town grew and prospered.

During its boom in the 1870's, Parshallville had three blacksmiths, cemetery, three churches, cheese factory, cider mill, cooper shop, doctor's office, foundry, two general stores, grist (flour) mill, grocery store, hardware store, livery stable, post office, schoolhouse, two shoe shops, wagon shop, and a few other shops and stores. In the coming years, a gas station would be added. Many of those establishments have gone by the wayside, but there are still some cool little shops in the area.

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Parshallville is proud of the fact that they prospered and survived since the mid-1800's...not from mining or lumber businesses like many Michigan towns that popped up in the 1800's, but from farming, flour, and grain.

Tom Walker’s Grist Mill, founded in 1869, was deemed a historic site in 1975, and is now known as the Parshallville Cider Mill. The mill is one of the few remaining operating water powered mills in Michigan.

Those who know about Parshallville and the cider mill visit every fall to load up on cider, doughnuts, local honey, apples and lots more. Find out more about this hidden Michigan gem on their web page by CLICKING HERE.

Take a drive to Parshallville - especially if you've never been there before - and check out another of Michigan's truly historic villages.



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