The almost-village of Parks sat at the intersection of 13 Mile and Cypress Roads, in Newaygo County's Barton Township.

In 1884, there was a population of 158. Then, on January 4, 1892 it began operating its own post office with John Bartman elected to be the first postmaster. By this time, the community was being referred to as either "Parks", "Parks P.O" or "Park City".

The area was farmland, mostly owned by the Parks family, of which the community was obviously named. Out of many old atlases, many show the Parks family land, but only a few recognize the community as "Parks" or "Parks P.O.".

By 1910, the village had failed to grow and the population was down to a mere 22.

The post office shut down for good on May 31, 1912 (some sources say 1917) and with that, any hopes of community growth were permanently dashed.

Parks might make a good roadtrip drive-thru someday...there are still a few homes at that intersection. You will most likely not find it on maps. See some photos below!


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