As the coronovirus pandemic continues to grow and the number of those sickened by the virus  also continue to grow some, mid-Michigan parents are doing something special for their senior high school students.

It's tough when you wait all through your school years to reach that mile stone of senior year and then you don't get to celebrate it like you'd normally be able to. For this year's seniors, being quarantined at home is not how they expected to spend their last year of high school.

If you drive through a neighborhood in Diamondale, you will see signs on the front door of a  home to raise one high school senior's spirits.

Christian Lenon, a Holt High senior this year, told WILX that this has been such a disappointment for seniors as this is the year they have all been building up to.

These kids and their families are not sure what will be happening next, so one mom decided to put together a little sign of hope and celebration on their front door. Jamie Lenon said to WILX, "My friend showed me the idea that she found online and thought it would be cool to celebrate the seniors."

Lenon took to her front door to show her son's school spirit and accomplishments over the years. The door and decorations can be seen from the street, and has many drivers slowing down to have a look. The best part is the door decorations are catching on, so  frustrated parents can show the community how very proud they are of their seniors.

At this point so many things are still up in the air for this group of kids and all kids in K -12.

Governor Whitmer says that is is unlikely that schools will re-open within the current academic year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic (covid-19).

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