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A total of 189 students and staff at 41 K-12 school districts have been infected by coronavirus in new school related outbreaks, according to data released Monday, April 26, by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

This just seems never ending when you either hear about numbers going up or read about numbers going up.

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Just over this past weekend on Saturday alone, over 6,500 people were infected by coronavirus.  Sparrow Hospital is maxed out with COVID-19 patients.

I know a few of my friends who were recently released from the hospital suffering from COVID-19 and are now doing fine.

And now when you take a look the number of students infected at 41 K-12 school districts, all you can do is shake your head and wish all students the best recovery possible. tells us:

Last week, the state reported 173 infections in new outbreaks at 41 K-12 school districts.  The biggest new outbreaks involves 28 students at Three Rivers High School and 24 students at Byron Center High School in suburban Grand Rapids.

It's hard to believe that in roughly 23 Michigan counties, K-12 school outbreaks were identified.  Counties including Ingham, Eaton, Jackson, and even Manistee County. also adds:

Outbreak data for K-12 schools includes only cases in which the student or staff was infected at school or at a school-related function.  Those who caught the virus outside of school are not included.

So many outbreaks at so many different Michigan schools.  It even makes me a little nervous to go to my daughter's track meet this week because of coronavirus.  At least this is an outside event where several protocols will be followed by everyone.

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